Sometimes there comes a beautiful day and you really feel like exploring, but everyone you know is busy and you’re left by yourself. You could stay in, but you could also meet up with new interesting people who share the same passions and go on a real adventure together! Only, where to find them?

Whether you’re after a day of extreme mountaineering or a Sunday volunteering at children’s hospital, you’re not alone - simply by choosing your favourite activities, your new best holiday buddies are now just a few clicks away! And all this thanks to the extensive website and logo design we created for our clients in Germany. It’s built to function as a social network - only for people who prefer thrilling new experiences over cat videos.

Our user experience specialist did the best to think of all the possible scenarios and options a user may come across when planning holidays, hence the myriad wireframes we created were so detailed . Every new activity a user makes is as a whole new project - there is everything that may be needed to organise it from the first idea to realisation.

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