High Street fashion brand One Wolf entrusted us to take care of the people who were eager to buy their stuff. So we made an online shop, where customers are not just impressed by the fashion and web design, but actually can find & buy what they are looking for.

In recent years Latvian fashion designers have been on a rise – they provide unique Nordic style combined with an outstanding quality. Consequently One Wolf came to WRONG seeking for the same qualities in their new online shop as well. And they are not the only ones. WRONG has been a partner for several Latvian fashion designer’s web pages and online shops – BlankBlank, Keta Gutmane, Elīna Dobele.

Probably, the successful collaboration with the fashion designers is not a coincidence. Our work process is very similar to the one of a fashion’s designers. First, we start by searching for inspiring influences, and then we move on to the a more functional part – user interface. Then come design, visual material and photos. And last, but not least comes “sewing” or programming.

Awards we’ve won lately