What happens when you mix web design with pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis? You are now about to explore it. Inspired by the magic of chemistry we created a fluid and always transforming website, which reflects the main processes of our client’s company.

The company exports worldwide to almost every continent in the world, except Antarctica. If medicine was produced there, you could probably buy their products in South Pole, too. To represent their global market experience, we made an interactive map showing some of the cities they export to.

When the client got in touch with us, they just wanted a new website. The problem was, they didn’t have any brand identity. Even it’s not what we usually do, we came up with logo that symbolises their product - ingredients for creating medicine, where the negative space is in shape of letters “N” and “S”. Brand colours and used gradients were inspired by aurora borealis, as the company is located where this nature’s light show can be observed.

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