Once you embark on exploring a new place it’s best to do it with a trusty local by your side, so you get to experience the full spectrum of things your stay has to offer. What better way to do this than couchsurfing?

Our creative colleagues over at our sister company “Guilty” came up with the concept and the responsive design of a website for the new “Live Riga” tourism campaign. All one had to do is participate in a lottery - choose one of the hosts given and 6 winners get to travel to Latvia and stay in Riga all expenses covered! Being involved in the project, we couldn’t really participate in the lottery, so we took part in a different way – did our best with the programming and development!

Each winner had the chance to explore trendy areas of Riga with a beloved local – whether it be a visual journalist, musicians, even the world champion in mini dome or get this – our ex-Prime minister ready to take you to the opera, theater and his favorite museum! What a time to be alive!

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