BrumBrum is a unique, award winning balance bike for kids. Sophisticated in its simplicity and natural design, we created a fresh and fun looking responsive web shop just like the bike itself!

The design features beautiful photos made by our team and 3D elements with an exact replica of the BrumBrum bike, so you know what you get. It also shows all of the safety features the bike has to offer – the bike was created by real parents, who care about the happiness and health of their kids, so safety is the number one virtue.

Furthermore, we know how important it is for a kid to be a part of “the real thing”, so when ordering a bike, the young owner also gets a nice bike passport with all the technical info and a sticker pack for fun and customization!

Fun fact – the website is so cool, it was copied by another company! That’s definitely a compliment worth bragging about, right?

Awards we’ve won lately