We may squeeze in a standard elevator so, yes, we may not be the biggest company ever, but let’s put it this way - we are a small creative team. And it’s probably one of the reasons we manage to do more as we don’t have to spend time in bureaucratic jungle.

And with more we don’t mean just a greater number of websites and apps, though that’s true as well. It’s also more in terms of diversity and experience - 3D visualizations, music videos, different interactive solutions and many more.

Well, you can check out some of them in WORK. And not to forget our dear colleagues who just rule the world of social media.

We know
the end user

We don’t just make stuff for anyone. We know the end users better than we know our own mother. What they eat, what they drink, when they go to sleep and whom they go to sleep with. Knowing it all helps us create user orientated digital experiences targeted to specific audiences. It also helps us sound so much smarter when talking to our clients.

We experiment

Our workplace is a never-ending playground for creative ideas and crazy digital solutions. We play in all dimensions, we learn new stuff every step on the way. We keep mastering our skills and gaining new knowledge. We are never done improving.

We love
what we do

Might sound a little cheesy, but in our industry this is the core to everything. Love for what we do has brought us here, and that is exactly the reason you are reading this right now. There is never a routine or boredom because when you love what you do, you strive for excellence.

We do things our way -

There is only one way to do things right and there are a hundred thousand ways to do things wrong. When it comes to digital, the right way will almost certainly be the boring way. And nobody wants boring in this industry. So that’s where we step in.

We’re the guys who push the red button. We’re the round pegs in square holes. We experiment, we play around and we win big. Because we don’t just make “apps” and “web pages” - we create virtual experiences. And gifs.